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In 1776, when Benjamin Franklin set out to design our nation's first currency, he chose a striking motto that captures the independent spirit of the Founders: “Mind Your Business.”

Cato Institute Sponsors understand that the Founders had it right. Today, federal officials, far from “minding their business,” want to regulate everything from how you run your business to what health insurance you must buy. The Cato Institute stands in defense of the traditional American principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peace. From media appearances, policy studies, and book publishing to Capitol Hill visits, conferences, and outreach to college students, your investment in Cato allows us to be a leading voice for a smaller, less intrusive federal government.

Cato 1776 Sponsorship is one way you too can defend, in a concrete way, this American heritage. This new level is specially designed for our Sponsors that appreciate timely, thoughtful communications tailored to their interest areas, invitations to private events, and want to receive the special benefits reserved just for this group.

With a monthly recurring gift of just $17.76 or more, you will become a Cato 1776 Sponsor with the following special benefits:

  • A replica pewter Continental Dollar - the first coin created by the First Continental Congress in 1776. Designed by Benjamin Franklin, it features the motto "Mind Your Business". Learn more here.
  • A Pocket Constitution - the definitive documents. Learn more here.
  • A copy of The Libertarian Mind by David Boaz
  • Cato's Letter - quarterly essay
  • Cato Policy Report - bimonthly newsletter
  • Cato e-Update - monthly e-newsletter with links to policy studies and publications
  • Bimonthly Memo - from Cato's president, Peter Goettler
  • Invitations to exclusive online briefings with Cato Institute scholars
  • Invitations to private events

To accept this special invitation, click the link below to a secure online giving form, or call us at (202) 216-1463. We look forward to welcoming you as a Cato 1776 Sponsor.

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